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We are committed to providing our residents a great home at a great price.


Look through our communities to see the beautiful landscaping, plethora of amenities and ease of life that we provide for our residents.


We commend ourselves on our affordability.  We are competitively priced and hope to give our residents a reasonable priced apartment home.


We have an exceptional management team that is incredibly committed to providing a wonderful home for our residents.


Kademe Communities are convieniently located in the bustling hubs surrounding Houston, Texas and in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kademe Investment Group is dedicated to our residents.

Every member of the Kademe Investment Team is sincerely trained so that all resident requests, repairs and maintentance are carried out in a prompt and professional manner. Attention to detail, insistence on quality, and personal commitment result in a community where the residents’ ability to relax and enjoy life is assured.

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